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Scarf Pad

The scarf pad is worn UNDER any scarf or soft headwear to give LIFT and BODY for a more flattering look. Designed by Just In Time for cancer patients who want to AVOID THE FLAT LOOK that scarves, hats, caps and turbans may have with hair loss.

Styled for COMFORT with a 1 inch opening on top for ventilation to prevent heat build up and six sections sewn together to create a shape that conforms to the curves of the head. Available in two fabrics:

  • Quilted unbleached 100% cotton muslin (shown) – structural with a tad more body.
  • Pre washed 100% cotton terry cloth (shown) – lighter weight for warmer weather.

Scarf Pad
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Scarf Pad
Scarf Pad
soft, washable 100% cotton
" My wife is absolutely delighted with the hats she recently ordered. You've given her the optimism to look outwards and the confidence to meet people. "
T.C., Bisbrooke, UK
100% cotton, one size fits most, washable. Made in U.S.A.
Style # SQ700 $14.99

More About the Scarf Pad...

The Scarf Pad is my own original design, created when I began Just In Time. When I was a cancer patient in chemotherapy, I noticed that I had a bit of a "pin head" look while wearing hats and scarves with no hair underneath. I did not expect that, since I had a larger than average head.

Clearly something needed to be developed to give more body to scarves and hats for women with hair loss. A lightbulb moment resulted in my designing the scarf pad in 1992. I have designed the entire Just In Time line, but the Scarf Pad is perhaps the design I am most proud of. Not surprisingly, it is the design others have tried most to copy, though not always with the highest quality fabric, care to detail, nor made in the USA.

Although I call it a Scarf Pad, it really can be worn under any soft headwear – hats, turbans, head wraps, caps, or scarves.

Because choice is important, the Scarf Pad is available in two different fabrics: a quilted cotton muslin for more structure and 100% cotton pre-washed terry cloth for a lighter weight alternative. Since 100% cotton terry cloth can shrink more than other cotton fabrics, I wash and pre-shrink the terry before it is cut and sewn into my Scarf Pads . The pre-washing also makes the terry cloth softer on the scalp.

Many buy the Scarf Pad in both fabrics for the versatility.

The scarf pad makes a great gift since women experiencing hair loss for the first time are usually unaware that such a helpful product exists, much less where to buy it. For many, the scarf pad is an essential accessory to help conceal hair loss.

Written directions for wearing and washing are included with purchase. Made in USA.


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