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Hats for Cancer Patients - Buying for Someone Else

Guidelines For Selecting Cancer Hat Gifts

Hats for cancer patients tend to be more popular in neutral colors – black, grey, brown, beige, ivory and navy. Neutral colors combine more easily with one's wardrobe, and they do not stand out and call attention to the hat. Cancer patients usually want to avoid drawing attention to headwear they wear to conceal their hair loss.

Unless you know the cancer patient has a strong preference for specific colors like blues, greens, plums, purples etc., play it safe and stick with a solid neutral, especially when she is just beginning to collect hats for hair loss.

Styles can range from the basic to the more elaborate. Chemotherapy patients just starting to lose their hair would probably prefer the more basic styles, such as the FOLD UP, TIEBACK, or SOFTLINES. On the other hand, cancer patients who have been in treatment for a little longer may enjoy something beyond the basics, such as the versatile HEADWRAP or one of the REVERSIBLE HAT AND OVERLAY TIES SET with their companion accessories

If you're not sure what style to buy, consider a SCARF PAD, made to go under any soft hat or scarf to provide extra body at the crown. Most cancer patients don't realize that such a product is even available, and they appreciate something that can be worn under headwear for a more flattering look. Another good basic choice would be the SLEEP CAP, worn at night to prevent getting cold (the head is the only body part not under the covers). Wearing the SLEEP CAP can also prevent hair from collecting on the pillow at night.

Remember, all Just In Time soft hats are returnable for exchange, so no decision is undoable. But most important, is the comfort of the caring thought the gift represents.

A personalized note can be included with Just In Time cancer hats given as gifts at no extra cost. The on-line order form has a space to write your own gift note to be attached to the hat. Gift wrap is also available for a small charge.


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