Soft Hats Designed for Women with Hair Loss
All hats made in USA of soft 100% cotton
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Why the Fall/Winter Collection is Available All Year

The Fall/Winter collection is available year round because it offers a warmer soft hat alternative to the lighter weight soft hats in the Spring/Summer collection. Choice is always important.

Most women find the Spring/Summer collection perfect for warmer weather. However, a few want headwear that is not quite so lightweight. Offering the heavier weight Fall/Winter collection year round simply expands the soft hat options for concealing hair loss.

Some women in chemotherapy are convalescing and are more comfortable in a warmer hat. Some have compromised immunity systems and prefer warmer headwear. For those women, the Fall/Winter collection is always available.

The fabric is the difference between the soft hats in the Fall/Winter line and the Spring/Summer line. The Fall/Winter line uses a 100% cotton interlock knit fabric that is thicker, has a tighter weave, and more body than the lighter weight, looser weave cotton jersey in the Spring/Summer collection.

When it comes to selecting headwear for concealing hair loss, the more options the better.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my soft hats or scarf pads designed for women with hair loss.



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